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Customer satisfaction

We understand our customers and are considerate about fine detailing. With 5 years of shelf life, we make sure that our customers are satisfied with high quality car care products.

Affordable Rates

Being a wholesale supplier direct to customer sales market, we only charge an amount that is gentle on our customer's pockets and remove the need for any middle men.

Top-notch Quality

We use high quality ceramic coating polish that promises you longevity and shine.


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About Coat Armour,

Coat Armour is an ever growing car care product manufacturing and wholesaling company running seamlessly for 20 years now. We have just entered the retail sales market in New South Wales, Australia. We do Ceramic Coating with New Nano Technology of all kinds for your car surfaces. Ceramic Coatings are mostly supplied to the automobile industries with a specialized use to give the cars a protective finish and a detailed polish. Our permanent bonding is developed for providing a 9H hardness of the outer layer that repels scratch. The new nano technology makes the automotive surfaces and interior corrosion proof and water resistant. Coat Armour's ceramic coating provides a car polish that promises a shelf life of up to 5 years. Our kit includes the excellent product, a microfiber towel, and an applicator. All to meet the Australia's highest quality.

Our Differentiator

Ceramic Coatings at Coat Armour comes with superior quality anti-scratch benefits*, provides protection against UV rays, permanent chemical bonding, is water and corrosion resistant, and adds high shine to your car glass, interior, and seat fabrics.

Our Vision

At Coat Armour, we offer you a professional DIY application of ceramic products made with new nano technology at affordable rates for 100 per cent customer satisfaction.

Our Values

After doing a professional application coating with ceramic, your glass not only gets protection but also adds longevity and a long lasting shine.